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Forest Reflexology and Nutrition is located in the heart of Killarney Heights on Sydney's Northern Beaches and is run by qualified clinical reflexologist and nutritionist, Irene Downs.

Irene offers a tranquil space to enjoy a rejuvenating foot reflexology treatment that will ease you out of the chaos and stress of daily life and into a state of restorative relaxation and healing. Find serenity in a blissful one hour treatment and enjoy the sense of wellbeing, happiness and calm that it brings.

Learning to use the power of food as medicine is at the heart of Irene's nutrition consultations. She can help you understand how to eat in the healthiest way possible for your body and enable you to develop new, lifelong habits that support you to live a life full of abundant health and vitality.

About Irene

Irene is a qualified clinical reflexologist, nutritionist and a passionate advocate of complementary medicine. Her interest in food and health grew dramatically after a serious illness. She knew there was a better way to achieve optimal health so she went back to school while raising 3 children and achieved an Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine and Certificate in Clinical Reflexology. Experience taught her how profoundly important it is to be proactive about your health and invest the energy needed to live a life full of abundant energy and vitality. She is excited to offer both reflexology and nutrition to help you recharge your body and restore health. 



Reflexology Therapy
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Reflexology is a therapeutic treatment which uses applied pressure and specialized massage techniques to areas of the feet (or hands) that correspond to organs and systems in the human body. Stimulating these areas activates the organs, nervous system, circulation and energy channels which help bring the body back into functional balance and restores energy and vitality. The many benefits include stress relief, pain reduction, relaxation, sleep improvement, stronger immunity, detoxification support, improved organ functioning and overall well-being. 


Healing begins from the inside out so eating well is one of the best ways to reignite your health. Let Irene help you understand what it truly means to have a nourishing diet and how to use food to restore health. Irene will guide you in making the changes necessary to achieve optimal health in a manageable and achievable way. Whatever conditions you may be experiencing or any health goal you want to achieve, Irene will create a tailor-made treatment plan and will equip you with the tools needed to support your road to wellness.

Reflexology Treatments
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Standard Treatment (adults)

1 Hour - $90

The perfect treatment for relaxation and reducing the stresses of everyday life. Come and enjoy a rejuvenating treatment that will help re-balance your health and restore your energy.

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Concession (students/teens & seniors)

1 Hour - $80

Ideal for soothing aching feet and helping restore balance in body functioning. Great calming and anxiety-reducing treatment for all students and particularly those preparing for their HSC exams.

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Children (up to age 12)

30 Minutes - $40

A soothing treatment to help calm the nervous system and rebalance energies in the body. Reflexology may help establish healthy sleep patterns and reduce nervous tension in the body.

Nutrition Consultations
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Initial Consultation

75  minutes - $120

Information gathering session to discuss concerns and identify health goals.

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2nd Appointment

45 minutes - $75

Presentation of tailored treatment plan and discuss implementation.

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Follow-up Appointments

30 minutes - $50

A chance to check in and celebrate your achievements.

Discuss what is working and any adjustments required.



Thank you for the most wonderful relaxing treatment.  I felt so much better, lighter and calmer on the way home. 


I have suffered from chronic foot pain for years.  Irene practiced a special pain reduction massage on my feet and the relief was immediate.  I cannot recommend her treatments enough!


I was first treated by Irene at the Manly Markets and have since become a regular client at her Killarney Heights clinic.  Best reflexology massages ever. 


Irene, you have a gift.  You come from a place of love with a caring aura.  Your interest and dedication to natural health radiates from you and I feel this must be your 'sphere of calling', one of mother earth's healers.


I have only positive feedback to give about my reflexology treatments and for my reflexologist Irene Downs.  One hour of massaging and gentle manipulation of my feet brought harmony to my soul. It made me feel so relaxed and I thank you for that.


I love my fortnightly foot reflexology treatments.  It is my dedicated time for self-care.  Irene's hands are magic and I always leave feeling so chilled-out and great knowing I've taken the time to do this for myself.


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138A Killarney Dr, Killarney Heights NSW 2087, Australia

Tel: 0420 873 267



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