• Irene Downs

Reflexology to Support Immunity

It’s been 2 years since Covid-19 turned our world upside down, filling our lives with fear and dread. We now find ourselves preoccupied with finding ways to avoid or minimise the severity of the infection. While there is a great deal of information available about the various ways to support your immune system through medications, herbal remedies and supplements, less information has been published about a number of practices that may help prepare your body to deal with an infection from Covid-19.

Reflexology is one such practice and it still remains relatively unknown in Australia. It is an ancient healing modality based on the theory that areas on the feet and hands (reflex points) correspond to various organs and body systems. Applying pressure to specific reflex points creates a response in the corresponding area of the body. This stimulates and encourages the body to reset and come back into its own innate homeostatic balance which helps restore normal functioning. Reflexology feels like a foot or hand massage, but really, it is so much more.

How can Reflexology support my immune system?

The immune system is comprised of the adenoids. tonsils, bone marrow, thymus gland, spleen and lymphatic system. They all work together to protect your body from any type of infection - viral, bacterial, parasitic and fungal. This is our internal line of defence when faced with an invading microbe.

The lymphatic system is filled with lymph, a fluid which circulates through your body via lymphatic vessels, ducts and nodes and carries white blood cells (lymphocytes) to areas of the body that are fighting infection. It also flushes toxins out of the body which allows the body’s cells to function optimally. If lymphatic circulation stagnates, toxins build up and those critical lymphocytes struggle to travel where they are needed thereby compromising the body’s ability to fight infection. This is where reflexology can help – it can optimize the performance of your entire lymphatic system.

Reflexology targets immune organs and the lymphatic system and may not only relieve lymphatic stagnation but also stimulate the organs to boost immune resilience. It primes the immune system to be alert and ready for incoming invaders.

Other Benefits

In addition to targeting our internal organs and body systems, Reflexology is a powerful stress reducer. It has been well documented that stress is a major immune disruptor and can seriously compromise immune function. Increasing studies are emerging to document the positive outcomes of reflexology on stress. It is a wonderful tool to help reduce tension and stress in your body and improve overall functioning so that each organ and body system can do what it’s designed to do without impediment.

Protection is key and reflexology offers a wonderfully restorative natural reset for your body that is not only an effective therapeutic treatment to build immune strength but also provides an hour of self-care that we often don’t make time for. I encourage you to try a reflexology treatment today and discover the wonderful calming and healing benefits of this ancient practice.

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